The day has come - a Fork is more profitable than Chia

No laughing matter this Joker guy :rofl:

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So how do we plots XJK’s ??? :joy: :joy:


Chives was more profitable at one point, look where that is now.

yes true. When I posted this I thought it was a fork you could farm with Chia plots, but this is similar to Chives indeed that you need to make new plots. So it’s the second time this has happened.

P.S. I’m not replotting :sweat_smile:

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There will be many forks. None of them will be better than Chia. The Chia team has succeeded in conquering the proof of space-time mining space. That’s why XCH will always command a premium.

Every new disk I acquire now I plot with NFT’s just in case I find a pool party I can’t live without. :joy: :joy:

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