The domain name cryptocurrency.xch is for sale

The domain name cryptocurrency.xch is for sale. The coolest name that not everyone can afford is for sale for 24,000 XCH! what is the equivalent of $ 1,000,000
Who can afford this ?

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Just clarifying a little… it isn’t a domain name, it is a name from the Chia Name Service. It used as a easy to remember short name for an XCH address, but “xch” it is not registered through ICANN as a Top Level Domain. You won’t be able to say, browse to a website at cryptocurrency.xch in web browser. Not until, “xch” actually becomes a top level domain through ICANN.

But yeah… I certainly can’t afford that!! :joy:

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I thought it was for sale here so I didn’t even bother opening the thread lol. I imagine it’s like anything in this sphere - bragging rights for coinbros and Hollywood folk, but really you should be flexing on a top 20 coin or NFT (or shilling for the kickback on a scam project) for that.

It’s not all that cool. And as others have noted, it’s not a domain name. But I’m sure whoever set it up hopes people will be easily misled and confused and parted with way more money than it’s worth.

Are you the seller?