The good choice of NVMe drive and SATA expansion

Hi, I’m making plotter:
CPU: Ryzen 9 5950x

Basicly I need 4 x 2TB NVMe ssd for max of 24Plots parallel
I’m thinking of Corsair MP600 2TB, Samsung 980 PRO 2TB (Problem with samsung is has 1300TBW vs Mp600 3600TBW)
Somewhere on the internet i see chart of Sustained Sequential read or write performance and MP600 came out on chart 500MB/s or smth, on another chart arround 1000+MB/s.

Can You recommend another good NVMe for plotting? I must buy them in Poland, so Amazon.DE will be good.

Another question, i need controller (It would be nice to have 2x controler) for SATA III, i must connect him to PCI-E 1x slot on B550 unify and buy riser x1 to x4 Pci-e OR!

PCI-e x16 - GPU

Chipset mode default, slot are unavilable
In Cpu mode I think it’s okay, atleast They write like this.
PCI-e x1 - Buy riser and connect SATA controller
PCI-e x1 - Buy riser and connect SATA controller

PCI-e x16 - Not working of M.2 in slot

Buy X570 and have:
PCI-e x16 - GPU

PCI-e x1 - Free (There I must use Riser 1x to x4 or x16 and then connect controller)
PCI-e x16 (x8 speed) - Free (There I can connect anyone sata controller )

PCI-e x1 - working only x1 slot
PCI-e x16 (x4 speed) - NVMe adapter with M.2 disk installed

I Can’t add another media.

Controller like that will be working nicly?


What You think’ing about this? :smiley:

Maybe this controller?


Don’t buy MP600, I have tried Core and Pro, extremely unsatisfied with the speed. I have the Samsung Pro and they are great. but no matter the Nvmes, I think there is a cap for two 2TB Nvme, I think it won’t do more than 9 plots in parallel in less than 24K seconds. For more plots in parallel you need more bandwith, either a 3rd Nvme or bigger ones.

@puchimba what is actually the real life difference between the 980 an MP600 force.

My overall system is quite slow and old xeon2420 with just 16gb RAM. I am just plotting slow and steady. I am wondering if the bump in speed would be worth the much lower TBW ( on a slow system) if I now plot e.g. 8 per day, it would not jup to 12, now would it?

Well, that’s a good reason to stay with a higher endurance cause you won’t note the difference in speed between those two.