The main technical issue that is keeping XCH price down

So how is it

If ppl dont read, thats their fault / issue.
This is crypto not kindergarden.


I’ve got my own ideas

A torrent file db.
That catches u up to current day.
You Would just simply insert the file where the db goes. And restart chia.


We all know how fast a torrent moves.

And I’m certain we all have experience with client.

Good luck getting anyone to listen to good ideas.

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Chias real world adoption is slow because of the neerly imposible sync time. 3-4days if u have 0 interruptions.

Driving the price down down down

Further there are gui bugs that have Ben around sense Main net.

Even further it’s possible to cheat and fake ur number of plots.

I could go on

Whole thing seeems like a lost cause.

Only reason I keep farming is this crazy little voice in my head saying its my retirement one day.

But how is it to be taken seriously. And have like country’s use this algorithm to do massive transactions.

When the whole things rittled with bugs.

I doubt that was ever a goal, where have you read it was?

As explained multiple times, doesnt affect win rate, so doesnt affect netspace calculation, just affects your gui.
Were still waiting after a year for you to show otherwise.

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@leonardb i dont believe the developers are on this forum. You can join their keybase and communicate your issues. My wallet syncs quickly, but full node takes a long time. Especially if im otting at the same time.


How often can u “mess up” the gui of a point of sale machine.

Unhurd of

Because they must be perfect

If all goes as planned
In 10 years
Everyone and everything should be converted to use chias gui.
When u call to order a pizza.
The pizza person should ring u up in ~version/fork~ of chias gui. And u should be able to pay for it using chia.

But this can’t happen till literally every bug/long ass sync. squished no matter the use case.

If somone can’t make a chia transaction in less than a minute. (From point of download)
( if Allready downloaded) should take just seconds to make a transaction.


I’m still solo plotting. Iv had a lot of technical hiccups.
I’ll publish results reguardless.

But if chia worked how it says it does.

Screwing up/ tricking the farmer shouldnt happen. No matter what

The easier it is to use a coin. The higher its price is. The greater the adoption the higher the price.
Cut and dry

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Perfect does not exist, never has, never will.

Now your being daft, not gonna happen.

It does currently not sure what your point is.

You went out of your way to trick the gui, not a normal activity.


you base that on your hopes or you have something better?

I called BTC @ ~17k somewhere on here quite a while back and people called me nuts.

I’m fairly confident ~$30 is the floor for XCH unless Chia & Co do something monumentally stupid. I have a high level of confidence that they won’t.

Take that for what it’s worth.


I hope you knocked on wood there :sweat_smile:

In any case, sync time has very little to do with prices imo.

Trading mostly happens on exchanges, which have their own wallets (mind you this is not real money, but a statement of IOU’s ).

New users are few and far between because farming profit is low and setting up a farm of some size at a good price point requires some technical skill / knowledge of hardware.

The main reason the price is where it is, is because the inflation pressure is still very high with XCH. 9216 XCH is being produced every day, that’s 275K XCH per month.

Combine that with a crowded altcoin space and much competition for users to actually use the chain, gives a strong inflation pressure. If you take that into consideration, the price holding the way it does, is quite impressive.

Above notwithstanding, I have never been very impressed with the Chia GUI, especially not from the perspective of user friendliness.


Not sure what the OP is rambling about. We have great sync times on a virgin installation since months!

Can’t stand these people that always know everything better while actually knowing shit.

Next he explains to us, how his old DOS 468DX 2x33Mhz booted faster into Dos and even Windows 3.1 than his modern OS …

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The wallet wasn’t syncing after some days, it’s solved now.

It turns out it was my internet connection but the problem is that and you cannot see the progress of wallet synchronization so if it happens to other users they won’t know what’s going on.


You look on an explorer, see the peak block height, you then compare that to the peak height of your wallet which is clearly visible, its not rocket science.

In fact i think network peak height is also visible in the gui, right next to wallet peak height.

New users will not know what that is.

Makes sense, to those that have used Chia.

New users will not know that.

There’s the story of a home owner that had a plumbing issue.
They called a plumber.

The plumber showed up, used his wrench on a pipe fitting. He was done in under 3 minutes.

The home owner complained: “You are charging me $150 to turn a fitting?”
The plumber replied: "I am not charging you for turning the fitting. I am charging you for knowing and identifying which fitting was the culprit.

Chia is simple to understand, after you understand it.
The same is true for just about any application.

None of this is obvious to new users. New users will not know which fitting to check.

The synchronizing should give a percentage completed, and a countdown timer that estimates time to completion. As the blockchain file sizes grow, this will become all the more important.

One of the reasons that this forum exists is because not everything is obvious. So those of us that have the answers help those seeking the answers.


Definitely, the Chia Wallet is not the best user experience for a new comer not that is not, at least a little, a “geek”.

They will have much better experience when we will have other desktop wallets. Today there is only browser, extension and smartphone wallets available outside of the official chia wallet.

That was one of the remark of my friend who I introduced to Chia: “Why the wallet is so slow to sync while I have a blank new one”. It even make him doubt that it is a good technology.

Once you get use to it, it become easy to use. Let it sync 5-10 minutes or restart it sometime.

If you want a quicker way to do transaction. Have a hot wallet (I use goby) with small funds on it (to quickly buy a NFT or swap with some CATs for example)


If you had got into btc > 10 years bsck you would realise that things are much simpler with chia.

Yes theres a learning curve, just as with most things in life.
It will take time for all these things to happen, chia is still a young baby.


Yup, punch cards were really hard. I am really thrilled that we don’t need to use them to enter our plots byte by byte, so I can fully focus on diagnosing various USB chips.

Isn’t that a false analogy with btc? They were the first ones pushing through. How much investment did they got at that time, was that anywhere close to $70m? People that were pushing it, weren’t they mostly enthusiasts working in a spare time?

Chia doesn’t have any QA, doesn’t have any support people (that would troll github and prepare duplicated issues for devs). The dev process is to commit basically anything to the main branch, call it a ‘dev release’ and hope that at some point it will stick, and then call it the next release. Not working products are being called production releases.


Def not, i would imagine donations only, but they had coins im sure so they have no doubt been rewarded well.

To be fair to myself, when someone comes in with a thread title that like this one, it seems clear they think they understand the eco system well enough to make that judgement.
IMO, at that point its fair to assume that they should have a basic understanding of blockchains and hence understand peak height.

If not their time would probably be better spent learning, than analysing why price is where it it, as they are simply not in a position to do so well.

Learning about general crypto, verifying sha downloads so their coins wont grow legs and wander off, and checking their internet speeds.

( rant over )


100% with you on that. I guess, we are more or less on the same page.

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Now my pipe is leaking??? :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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