The marketplace to buy and sell chia plot, starts at $0.20 per plot

The marketplace to buy and sell chia plot: Buy and sell chia plots, chia plotting service -

We( have received so many mails who contact us to sell chia plots. Most of them owned one or some idle chia plotting rigs.
We have chose some large bandwidth(3~10Gbit/s) plotting rigs (very few) .

In fact, 1Gbit or 500Mbit is also working for many users, and maybe the price is more important than the speed, so we launched a new platform Buy and sell chia plots, chia plotting service -

We provide the seller with a full range of technical solutions to join our platform.
The seller almost has nothing to do after installing our server program, Except to ensuring the stability of hardware, network and power,

Each new user who want to buy chia plots can get $5.00 credits(up to 25 k-32 chia plots)

You can get an additional $5.00 credits, for each recommended new user.

try it now, go Buy and sell chia plots, chia plotting service -

For farmers with less than 500TB, especially less than 100TB, if your network bandwidth is OK, I don’t think you need to spend a high cost to buy a plotting rig, $0.2 ~ $0.3 per plot is a very good price.

Don’t ask me prove that Buy and sell chia plots, chia plotting service - is reliable, I can’t prove it. I’ll wait for our users to prove it.

It does not require SSD disk or large amount of memory, and can run well on low configuration rig, such as raspberry pi.


Unnecessary. Madmax is one of our gods. Long live Madmax. Long live Bram.

Your Terms of Service: Terms of Service, chia plotting service - are an amazing example of a business indemnifying itself from absolutely anything and everything while clearly defining that your clients have ZERO rights or protections.

I also love the way you have ensured that any of your potential clients have no recourse to your bad behavior:

"XII. Application of law and jurisdiction

12.1 Application of Law. The laws of the People’s Republic of China shall apply to the conclusion, entry into force, interpretation, amendment, supplement, termination, enforcement and dispute resolution of this Agreement; if there is no relevant provision in the law, reference shall be made to commercial practices and/or industry practices.

12.2 Covenant Jurisdiction. You agree that any dispute or claim of any kind relating to your use of any of our services or in connection with products/services purchased through the Site shall be submitted to litigation in People’s Republic of China’s court of competent jurisdiction."

Submit all claims to a Chinese court where your service is illegal and you are not based?

I don’t know what your scam is but anyone gullible enough to trust you and your service will be sure to find out.

What is your legal business name and address? Why have you hidden your contact information on your godaddy registration?

Other than your email and/or submitting a claim to a Chinese court what method of recourse do I have if we have a disagreement?

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