The mistery of the two addresses


Me and my partner have moved a farming rig from his to my place.

He has taken an address from the Gui which he checks regularly on Chia Explorer and I am looking at the Gu directly…

The interesting thing is that the address he is checking on Chia Explorer is now showing 8 chia and the Gui is still at 2 (which we earned prior to moving the rig). (Rig is all synced)

The timing of the 2 rewards in the Gui matches the timing of the rewards on the address we are checking on chia explorer (not exactly though - 1 min apart).

Can anyone help?

Digital mining is a personal hobby and a solo activity. Never look for associates. Period!

Plus, chiaexplorer has no ties with Chia (the company, majority of crypto internet users assume it’s coming directly from the same company, helas). It does not know all the different wallet address activities linked to the same key.

The only reliable balance checker is the wallet on the Chia app. There, you can see “all” incoming and out-going movements. I advice to ignore the balance on chiaexplorer.

Good advise! It’s my opinion too.

You say the GUI is synced. Are you sure? There are two different syncs to look at. The blockchain sync and the wallet sync. In this case, you should make sure the wallet is synced. Then if it is, look at the transactions at the bottom of the page. That will show you all incoming and outgoing transactions (hopefully no outgoing).

Chia Miner, Appreciate your response, but it has nothing to do with the question posed.

Does anyone know how I can determine why these tokens are not being shown in the Gui wallet, but are shown on an address in Chia explorer?

  • is it possible to determine whether this address belongs to the same wallet for sure?
  • is it possible to attempt a transaction (not from the gui as the tokens seem to not be reflected there)

Yes, both wallet and blockchain are synced.

The transactions I see on the Gui match with the transactions I see in the chia explorer for the address that my partner had - this address btw is nowhere to be seen in the GUI.

However, the address in chia explorer has more rewards than we can see in the Gui.

Total mystery.

To my mind, there is zero chance that my partner got a random address from somewhere, and this address matches the initial 3 transactions with the transactions in the Gui. So I am pretty sure this address belongs to use, but don’t know whether we do in fact got the rewards and if yes, how to get them back to our wallet.

You are probably looking at a Receive Address. A wallet can have many, many Receive Addresses. The GUI will only show you the current one. But all receive addresses that are created are good. It just gives you the opportunity to create new ones for whatever reason (normally security).

My previous response was to just explain why you don’t see that address in the GUI. I don’t know why the GUI does not show all the XCH that the wallet has received.

You may want to try to setup a new instance of the GUI and sync it again. Maybe the db is messed up. Just a thought. You could set it up in a VM. If it turns out to look the same, just turn it off and delete it. If it comes up with the right balance, then you know something is wrong with the other GUI.

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Yes, but all token received on all addresses must always be reflected in the Gui right?

So if I have 3 addresses that received 2 Chia each, the Gui should show 6 chia.

The case here is the opposite. The Gui shows 2 chia, and the Address shows 10 chia rewards in the transactions. But also says there is a 0 Chia net balance (with no outgoing transactions)

What is the address? I would like to see this. Very odd. And the GUI shows no outgoing transactions?

BTW, what version of the GUI are you running?

yep both show no outgoing transactions…hope I am not a total noob, which is possible, but that I can tell - I only see 3 transactions in the gui (the first 3) and many more in chia explorer.

The address is xch1fr2f5vtgz94h6slu3755et9ausy3j076he6s4j645wt9z39an5xqcfuvm7

The gui is fully updated

All of the XCH shown on that address have been spent. See the last column. That is why the remaining balance is zero. If they were still in the wallet, it would say “Unspent”. I have a feeling that address is the address that sent you the XCH. That is why the transaction times match for the ones you actually see in the GUI.

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Thanks WolfGT, however it’s strange that we have the address from where the chia came. How can we have gotten in?

Also, if that’s where the rewards come from, we should be able to see more transactions, not just those that pertain to us. It’s also strange that we can trace the initial rewards to the other wallet, but after we requested the miscellaneous 0.0001 reward, then the rewards stopped coming to “our” address.

It’s interesting to note that both me and the other person had requested the miscellaneous reward - which can only be awarded once per wallet - could this have somehow messed the address?

Here’s what happened in reverse chronology:

Spent from the mysterious address, cannot trace to our other address:

  • 1.75
  • 0.25
  • 0.25
  • 1.75
  • 1.75
  • 0.25
  • 1.75
  • 0.25
  • 0.25
  • 1.75

Spent from the mysterious address and traceable to our other address:

  • 0.00001
  • 0.25
  • 1.75