The Pros and cons of Chia

I’d like to exchange some information, assumptions and Ideas about Chia blockchain adoption in the future.

For a broad adoption, I think a currency must be easy to use, fast and secure.
To me personally, the speed of Cryptocurrency Wallets(!) is terrible which is a major blocker.
Just an example: I startup my Bitcoin Core wallet, maybe after a week of no use to do a transaction. Now the wallet has to sync for a looong time (possibly even overnight or longer) before I can make the desired transaction. That is way too cumbersome for frequent use. I would have to run a pc all day/night, just to keep my wallet in sync.

I’m totally fine with the transaction speed (which many complain about ?!?). Any cryptocurrency is miles ahead of bank transfers (at least for me). My bank for instance does not transfer money in the evening or on non-working days. A Bank transfer takes up to a day (next day in country) or up to 3 days (to other countries)

Chia, especially 1.3 has been a game changer for me in that regard. The light wallet seems to be synced within a few minutes (under 5). And this in an decentralized regard, where I do not have to entrust my money to some kind of 3rd party which I prefer a lot. This was a big concern with me for Ethereum as I cant even have my own wallet but have to go to some service provider.

This is pretty much a huge leap forward for the usability for me. What do you think?
What are benefits / show blockers of chia compared to other cryptos or other payment methods?

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All blockchains are slow in general. Chia is also slow. Currently, the transaction time is 2.5 hours if you don’t add fees.

I cannot replicate that time. I have made ~15 transactions so far, all without fees. All went in under 5 Minutes. Latest was today.

I know once the usage goes up, the fee must be increased to reach feasible transaction times. Thats one concern I do have.

This is NOWHERE near true! I generally get my Chia transactions in minutes! Like 1 or 2.

I transferred 5x CAT transactions last night. Each took 2.5 hours. I tried to finish it until morning. I see no reason to lie.

I haven’t done ANY CAT transactions. Also haven’t done any Chia transactions recently since we’ve been constantly getting dusted. My transactions have always been pretty snappy on Chia. Maybe something is different with the CATs.

I think transaction times are longer know since there are a lot micro transactions like dust storm . But even with a little fee it’s still nearly for free to transact. The user experience in chia is very good and I think that can’t be underestimated. The optimum fee should be suggested by the software as a drop down.

Layer 1 is usually not made for small transactions. Transactions on layer 2 are usually instant and very competitively priced (eg. mostly free) compared with other payment networks (visa, etc).

Most blockchains have a light wallet implementation which takes syncing and waiting out of the equation too.