The refurb wholesale where I buy often mailed me that they also can send to France besides NL/BE

Well some private chats eg with fellow CHIA fan @aurelius and switching links of where to buy refurbed HDDs etc

The wholesale I buy HDDs sent me a msg back that they can send to France also, same conditions.

Screenshot (54)

Those synologe NAS ones a tad to expensive as cheaper options exits, but HDD etc wise, decent price tags.

No ref link of whatever, just the wholesale corp where I buy

Money back guarantee as everything else, warranty etc as it should be with decent corps.

Site is in dutch, and if interested their support is pretty fast but business days/hours only, if you need some translation to send a mail to them feel free to send me a private msg so I can do your translation to dutch. Though English/Dutch/French/German shouldn’t be a problem for them.

They really have a fancy refurb line also…

Anyway you can tell I like that corp … pics taken from here.

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Thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately i just think the refurbishers here in holland ask too much for their stuff, especially hdd’s.

80 euro for a 4TB secondhand disk…a new Seagate exos x18 is currently for sale at 392,- euro.
Add to that the extra cost of having more small disks and the price is basically the same.

Other server hardware good deals can be had, but hdd they just want too much for them

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The price of their SSDs are higher than buying on Amazon new. WTF.

Their 3TB internal are at a nice price, I guess you have to check back regularly to find the good deals once in a while. Thanks for sharing !

I used this site for HDD at competitive price and they sell 100% new and original HDD