The sense of Chia network

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are there actually any statements about the future of the Chia network? At least the serious blockchains will offer some kind of services at some point. Bitcoin as a medium of payment, Etherium as a smart contract platform, etc. So far, Chia is only traded on smaller exchanges and no real added value can be seen at the moment.

I read somewhere that they want to stabilize the network first before using the blockchain for services. I don’t remember if that was a public statement by the founders or a personal belief of a crypto nerd on some blog.

So what’s next for Chia and the Chia network?

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Well we have smart contracts, no doubt cheaper than using eth.
We can be used for payments, but setting up services will take time.
There’s more planned, but I don’t have links to them.

There’s this.

Chia AMA Friday the 15th 10am PST/5PM UTC
Zoom AMA: Launch Meeting - Zoom
YT Live Stream: Chia - YouTube

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