There is a new 3rd pool on the block

There a new 3rd pool on the block called Blue Pool, I’ll give here some objective information about it so it will be more clear for you whether to join or not (Already too crowded to get a share?)
More info in the graph…
Pro: open source
Con: you are getting a harvester with their keys tied to it (they are running the full node)

whaat? let see if I understood correctly… you plot with their key? so the plot its not your (ours)!? Sacrificing ours nvme’s (if use one’s) and time to give it to them?

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Yes, that is right.
They took the chia open source code entirely and almost unchanged, except inserting their keys into it.
So you have options to add directory, to add plot… options are all the same (it’s based on version 1.1.7).
When check the plot log, it is creating with farmer and pool keys (not yours here), and mainly that is the difference. Plots are still solo ones (reminder: their base layer is 1.1.7).

that will be a lot of work to replot for something not official and killing your SSD.
well, someone’s poison is someone else’ drink

What is so funny about this is that;
The usual question: Do they access my private keys?
Now the answer is: They give you their public keys to use.

same thing, same answer

So basically you will just be plotting for them, and those plots can only ever be used on their node.
Doesn’t sound like the best of options :sweat_smile:

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Not your keys, not your plots.

Question: Do you recommend to join this ‘type of’ pool?
Answer: No.

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So they own the plots you create and you pay them a fee to use them. Congrats, you are a sharecropper now.


Well they didn’t last long did they…

Facinating, how people enter just there is a door open. They enter loaded with plots, come out with nothing.

Unless they are running something like the pooling protocol, how can they know how many plots that connected harvesters have reliably?

That’s why they are shutting down , too many double farming