Thinking about creating a cloud plot hosting service

Hi all,

I have been thinking about creating a service that can host cloud based plots.

My initial thoughts on how it would work is the plots are pre-plotted and customers would rent the plots on a monthly contract, earning a share of the farmers winnings.

I’m aware that there would be more to be made from just using the plots to farm myself, but I’m more interested in the software / services side of crypto, than the farming :slight_smile:

Any thoughts? What would you be willing to pay PM for a hosted plot etc?

ROFL! :rofl:

Nobody has seriously considered paying for cloud hosting of their plots since XCH was over $1000.

Besides losing money there are many other problems with farming plots in the cloud, many of which have been extensively discussed on this forum.

I get what the pitfalls are as I have looked in to doing it myself. Expense is the main problem.

The solution I’m proposing is a little different from just renting some HDD space. You’d be renting the actual plot.

I’m thinking along the following lines…

100 plots (to make maths easy)…

You rent 1 of those plots (or more) on a fixed term.

Say you rent 10 plots, you would then get 10% of the farmed Chia.

I get it’s prob not of much interest to hardcore farmers, but looking at creating something that would make farming easier for people at an entry level.

Old ideas and long dead.

Read the forums before posting retreaded dead ideas.

I’m not going to resurrect the argument here.

I have read through and there’s nothing similar to what I’m suggesting.

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that need to be worked on :slight_smile:

Peeps are selling plotting rigs and drives cheap right now. Anybody who spends money for plots in a cloud is an idiot.
You need to read more than 9 topics in 17 minutes to claim any knowledge of what has been discussed here.

Here are the top four threads about cloud plotting out of over 50.

First time poster, long term lurker :wink:

As I said before, “PLOTTING” is not what I’m thinking of doing. I’m more than aware of the many plotting services out there, which now mainly fail as it takes longer to download a plot, than it does to actually plot it on a decent spec machine.

I possibly didn’t make it clear…

What I’m looking at doing is offering a low cost HOSTING solution.

You joined two hours ago and are full of it.

People here are interested at $20 per TB. Not $20 per month. $0.50 per TB per month would seem worth it
Can you do it?

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I might have joined a few hours ago, but have been keeping an eye on this forum for while :slight_smile:

OK, let me phase this another way…

Would $2 a month for 5TB work? $2 a month for 10TB?

This is what I’m trying to find out.


I have a lot of maths and working out to do. ATM I have 2PB roughly to play with.

I’m just trying to get a gage on thoughts of pricing, interest etc before I invest too much time in to it.

I have an xch spare, could I rent 200TB for a month?

One TB plotted currently earns an average of under 60 cents per month. Paying to put that plot on a cloud strips any possible profit away penny for penny.

Who would be farming these plots and how?
Do you have a registered business? What is it’s legal address?
What guarantee do users have that you will maintain the plots?
Can users download and retrieve their plots? What bandwidth is available if so?
Will you be holder of private keys? How can the user farm their plots in the cloud?
What are the response times for your cloud plots?
What are your terms of Service?
Do you have a website?
You say you have two PiB available. For how long? With what provider?

Farming plots in the cloud makes no financial sense, has many technical problems, and requires a high level of trust.

If you can do it at a competitive price, you could get some takers.

It’s no good asking what ppl will pay, do your research and offer a price.

As for renting and I’d only get 10%, we’ll, your price would need to be 90 % lower then…

I dont think it’s a viable business model, but I’ve not done the math.
You do the math and come back with a solid offer, and some guarantee that you just won’t run with the funds.

You will plot. You will store. You will farm. So am I a farmer?
In the best case 100TB earns $2 per day. $60 per month.
How much should I pay you monthly for 100TB? How much will you pay me? Who will pay whom? too many questions.

The person renting it would need to profit. If you are the one plotting and hosting, how can you provide them profit without you losing money? If you have 10 plots that makes 1 XCH per month. The person renting for $xx a month would get the 1XCH. If you are charging less than XCH value, you are throwing money away since you could of just farmed and sold the XCH yourself. Your idea is not a good business plan unless you find suckers that will rent for a higher cost than they could make.

How about this…
Plot up your space into various sized “lots” then farm them. Next you publish stats for the plots and create smart contract bidding system so that “bidders” can bid to own lots as they come available
Set the plotnft for the lots to payout to the smart contract somehow. At the determination of the contract, you receive the bid and the bidder gets the payout (if any)
I don’t know how any of this would work but perhaps this gem will help:
Chia smart contracts are stateless but state can be stored in non-executable parts of the puzzle reveal!!!