This plot NFT is assigned to a different key

Had a power fail, (UPS now on order, I know, horse, stable blah blah) and now my wallet is showing about 2 XCH down (only had 3.6 to start with). Then I noticed this message on my pooled plots (ggpool).
This plot NFT is assigned to a different key. You can still create plots for this plot NFT, but you can not make changes.
Any ideas?

Not fully synced yet?

Hhmm, it says I am synced…
Just wondering whether to recover the key with the mnemonics?

What version are you running? And are you looking at the Full Node tab. The Wallet/Token tab is synced very quickly nowadays, but Full Node may take longer.

I am running 1.3.4, and yes, looking at full node tab. Have rebooted, and also restarted…

Mmm, that’s a tricky one then. I’m sure I’ve seen topics with this ‘This plot NFT is assigned to a different key’ issue before, maybe you can do a search for it. Or wait a bit for someone who actually remembers the issue and solution to respond. Good luck anyway, and good for you to get a UPS :+1:

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Ok, created a new user, installed chia-blockchain V1.4 using apt (I’m on Ubuntu), copied the mainnet db across from the old user, started chia, entered the 24 word pass phrase, configured all my plot directories, and voila! It all seems to be back OK, my XCH has re-appeared.
In one sense it has given me confidence, I.e. disaster recovery is relatively easy, but…
How come I only had 1.8 XCH in my wallet when broken, but 3.7 XCH after fix? I found one block when solo farming, so 2 XCH, 2 whilst in a pool, so plus .5 XCH and 1.2 XCH pool payouts. So how come I appeared to have 1.8 XCH when broken?
I have proved one thing, I really don’t understand this clearly yet! :slight_smile: