Threadripper with 128 GB RAM

I came across this video…:

…and the host was not able to get a stable Windows 10 environment with more than 64 GB of RAM.
(skip to the 11:58 time mark for that specific discussion)

Is anyone here running a Threadripper with 128 GB (or more) RAM?
– Which OS?
– Which RAM?
– Did you have any issues getting it to run stably?

Or, has anyone tried and run into the same issues as the video’s host?

Lenovo ThreadRipper Pro 3955WX
Win 10 Pro
144GB 3200MHz DDR4
Solid, no instability

Interesting vid, he does have some good points, but having issues is a downer. He’s also running a business and has a specific use case and needs, as anyone would. Looks like he bought some custom build. Or maybe a DIY build so no warranty/service (other than himself)?

If that would be a real problem, that CPU would be selling for $100, as not able to pull more RAM.

The whole ramble about a team that didn’t have a budget or business plan was completely misplaced. Those were top notch guys that most likely worked on epyc, and wanted to scale it down, and what they did is a normal business procedure in almost any company. TR was not a chip that required a business plan (e.g., a video chip), but rather reusing what they already had on the table to broaden company portfolio of existing chips.

Yeah, he stated one of the reasons, but immediately said that he didn’t bother to address it (motherboard, potentially a v1 release where new F/W doesn’t really help). The second possibility is that when RAM was expensive, he purchased some low-end RAM, not close to what that mb or CPU certifies are working in such setup. Just saying that RAM was replaced doesn’t tell much.

Actually, he also recommended Samsung QVO SSD, and I really cannot imagine why anyone would purchase such thing. Endurance of that drive is just not there (~60% of EVO) and it is also slower (once cache is exhausted), but pricewise it is really close to EVO…

No TR but I have a Ryzen 5000 with 128GB RAM.

128GB G.Skill (edit: DDR4 3600)
Windows 10

Absolutely rock solid.

3970 here on a TRX40 ASUS board. Rock Solid and super fast for plots … It has so much throughput that I needed to get asus pcie 4x nvme expansion card. I have 3nvme on the board and 4 on expansion card. I think i’m hitting 80-90 k32 plots every 24hours in windows environment.

How much RAM?
(twenty characters)

256GB 3600 G.skill I couldn’t get mad max to complete plots on ram … maybe because of my overclock settings. Not sure. I have too many NVME drives with microcenter warranties so i didn’t bother trouble shooting. Now I have too much ram for nothing basically :confused:

Does madmax pin your CPU during any parts of Phase 1 or Phase 3?

I think only if I have 4-6 plots running in parralel. Thing is really amazing … I have caught plots pilling up at times when i was tuning. Usually on my other workstations I would need to start cancelling plots in progress to lighten the workload. This TR station I would just stop the script and let it work through the pile up. it really is amazing and it is faster than my ThreadRipper Pro. But the threadripper pro has more headroom by far, very hard to pin a TR Pro but they are not as fast for some reason.

It is my strongest plotting machine by far. Very Reliable … I would advise to just go ahead buy it if you are on the fence about it. Maybe consider skipping on maxxing out the RAM and instead put that money into getting a good MB and also max out the NVME drives with the asus 4x expansion card. I use samsung 980 Pro drives … i have around 3,000 TBW well past the advertised life and they are still plotting strong with no issues. When they do die the microcenter extended warranty is super friendly. No questions asked just walk in and hand it to them, they will give a brand new one with out testing it. Other thing to keep in mind is that the ram speed matters for this type of build. 3600 is reliable and fast, don’t go below that. Over that I don’t know about stability.

Why would it be hard to pin any CPU, if the application makes use of all of its cores / threads?

By madmax pinning the CPU, it is not that the CPU is lacking. Rather, it is that madmax sends enough calculations to the CPU to keep it 100% busy. Any CPU will be maxed out if enough calculations are sent to it.

If madmax is not pinning your CPU, then madmax is not running as fast as your CPU can churn out plots.

Please check taskmgr.exe
See if madmax is pinning the CPU during Phase 1 and / or Phase 3 with a single plot (well, if you do not want to stop parallel plotting I can understand).
Note that the first stage of Phase 1 is very disk intensive, and uses little CPU cycles.

That should be only when madmax starts a new plot, and should last only a minute or two, depending on the K size you are producing.

After that, it will probably pin your CPU. Please confirm. I am just curious, and would be surprised if madmax is not pinning it.

Alas, the wallet has run dry.
No more $$ for more hard drives. So my need for a ThreadRipper is no longer warranted (I would still love to own one, however).

Me, too.

I assume that you paid extra for that warranty?

How do you know that Micro Center will hand you a new one with no questions asked?
Did you actually kill a 980 Pro, by way of writing to it to death?

I have two plotters. Both have AMD Ryzen 9 5950X CPUs, and purchased at Micro Center.
I would have preferred to have one 32 Core ThreadRipper.

When I purchased my equipment in February of 2021, Micro Center had no ThreadRipper motherboards. And I had to travel to 4 of their stores to gather all of the parts to build complete systems.

The motherboards and the memory were nearly impossible to obtain. They do not answer phone calls (to check inventory). Their on-line inventory is unreliable, when they show “1” in stock. They even found parts for me that showed “0” inventory. I had to drive from one location to the next, crossing my fingers that I could find some of the parts.

I got the last motherboards and memory sticks from their entire NY and NJ stores. And they limited you to one video card per month, due to the shortage of high-end cards. But rather than giving their staff a list of which cards to limit to one, they limited all video card sales to one. I had to bring a friend in to buy the second one.

The only parts that were no trouble were the cases, the NVMe drives, the Power Supplies, and the Noctua CPU fans.

I spent a significant amount of $$ in gas and tolls, over several days, gathering the parts. No fun.
So I was happy to finally have two powerful plotting machines. But your ThreadRipper is faster than my to plotters, combined.

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Hahahah memories … same experience here. I’m from Queens NYC so i was able to drive around and collect the what low inventories were available form from NJ NY and even once to to PA i think for the asus wrx80 board which was almost impossible to get at that time.

I was able to kill an Inland Premium 2 TB NVME drive. BTW they are really great drives and I have others that are still running strong. seemed like a fluke or maybe random static issue, i don’t know if it necessarily was written to death. Anyway , i took it to microcenter, they could care less what was wrong with it. They gave me a new drive no questions asked. I think $280 value. MicroCenter is a golden resource for some things. No 980pro’s were killed to date.

Threadripper and 512 GB RAM on Windows 10 Pro. No Problems.

His RAM was probably just incompatible or he fucked up settings. That’s why mainboard manufacturers have compatibility lists…