Threadripper's plotting problem

Hi. I got AMD threadripper 2990wx with liquid cooling. 64 GB RAM 3600 Mhz but only works on 2933 Mhz. I got x399 MEG Creation motherboard. RAMs should be compatible but I don’t know. 5 x1TB M2 SSDs I put them in RAID0 conf. But now I am using seperately.

The problem is; whatever I did, I coudn’t pass 20 plots per day. Plot duration is not less than 12-13 hours. I am plotting as 5 different sets for every ssd and destinations aim differrent HDDs. I put 120 min delay for each set’s plot. and swar plotter prevents more than 2 plots beeing on phase 1 for each set.

I tried RAID conf. too. Still no more than 20 plots.

My M2 SSDs are PNY CS3030 1 TB and its read/write speed is 3500-3000 MB/s.

Does anyone has a solution?

If that is 5 parallel plots per SSD then you’re overloading them. Try 1-3 plots max as your drives probably can’t handle much more than that comfortably.

The speeds you quoted are mostly irrelevant for plotting.

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You could try plotting on 4 of the nvme drives, and having the fifth transfer finished plots to the HDDs. Writing to the HDD might be a bottleneck. You could have a weak IMC, and need to look into manually overclocking. I don’t know Ryzen well enough, but you probably need to play with voltages to get the ram stable.

No not actually. 3 plots per set. so each SSD would get 3 plots with 120 min delay. But since five sets start at the same time 5 different plots start at the same minute. Since CPU has 64 threads and its frequency is 3.8 GHz I thought it won’t be a problem

Plotting to HDD is the last phase and it takes 15-30 minutes. And also I plot them to seperate HDDs to prevent bottleneck.

I will try overclocking RAMs but first I wanted to solve the plotting problem. Thanks for the replies by the way

I would say 2 hr between plots on an ssd is too long and only draws out your 3 plot plotting speed. Try 1 hr and forget that they may be in same phase at same time. Your nvmes should be able to do it. You don’t say how much memory you allocate, make sure enough to stay out of quick sort (check the logs).

With x3 plots on 5 ssds, you should be at 25-30 plots/day given !12 times with your 1hr delay figured in I would estimate. I do notice those ssds have only a TBW rating of 360, don’t know about how much write cache they may have. That could slow plotting a lot if it’s not much.

Thank you I allocate 5000 MB for each plot .But I think SSDs are the problem. I choosed the wrong SSDs read/write speed slows down a lot when it comes to large copies. I think I will use them untill they dies. But it wont be soon since they have 1630 TBW which I choosed this SSDs for. Thank you guys atleast I know what is wrong now lol

Just ran into this problem myself. Ismail, you running on Windows? Apparently the 2990wx has some issues with Windows…actually Windows has issues with it. I just found out about it, so I’m still figuring it out. But here is what I’m looking at for my problem: Coreprio

Thank you! I will check and publish my results.

Have a good day!

Thanks, looking forward to it! I just decided to switch the box to Ubuntu for now, but love to see how it goes for you.