Tidying up the farm: Late and inconsistent partials


I know we’ve talked about this over the past couple weeks but I wanted to post my success, and show that I have taken to heart the advice posted in here (it does matter and makes a difference!).

I had gotten lazy and started plotting on my farming rig, also the $40 TP Link PCIe wireless card just wasn’t up to the job - the speeds are there, but the adapter would drop out sometimes 4 or 5 times a day, taking the farm offline with it (Windows and Ubuntu).

The late partials (10%) were the final straw, I got serious, plugged the farmer into the router directly, and I will be plotting on other PCs instead to start enjoying my 2 second response times from now on.

Shoutout to https://spacefarmers.io/ for a stellar pool and the tools to check on this kind of thing.


Plotting on your farming rig is demanding on that rig’s CPU.

Perhaps if you “nice” the plotting processes (Low Priority in Windows), that might allow you to plot on your farming rig, without resulting in late partials?

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Glad we could help you out! Thanks for the recommendation and good luck in space!

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improvements look good :slight_smile:

from my experience, process priority does not work propely. Either locking up the low priority application or the high priority application locking up all othe apps.

I am plotting on my rig without issues. Just leave 2 cores open reserved for system / chia client.
Also, dont farm on the drive currently plotted on and best have the plotting drives on a separate controller from the farming drives.

and yes. Wifi is just not a reliable solution. Would be interesting how it looks plotting on the system but wired up.


I initially had one Windows 10 Home Chia computer that did it all:
Full node, plotting, farming, harvesting.

I always set the plotting processes to low priority, and never ran into any unwanted behavior from doing so.

Plotting jobs are the most CPU demanding part of Chia’s processes, and are not a factor for looking up qualities and providing proofs. I thought it best to ensure that all other Chia processes not have to compete, priority wise, with plotting jobs for CPU cycles.

Perhaps it made no difference. But it could not hurt.

Since @Captain_Plots-a-lot had late partial issues while plotting on his farming rig, it might have been due to the demanding nature of the plotting jobs (hence, a lower priority for those jobs might have helped).

I do not understand why you (@KryptoMine) ran in to process priority issues when setting your plotting jobs to lower priorities? I believe you. It just seems unexpected.

I did have syncing issues, that came and went, and ended up being my WiFi connection (always showed full strength, but still ended up being the culprit).


Appreciate the insight guys; thanks :sunglasses:!

Now that I am not sweating and the crisis is over, I may be so bold as to fire up a small batch of plotting at some point. You were correct - I had the CPU pegged at 100%.


Will do! I was putting temps on the same SSD the database was on, plots into the same drives the pool was trying to access, and all cores were in use. I will reserve resources next time if I give it another go (with your guys’ input, it appears most of the problem was between the user and the keyboard, not the gear itself, and it sounds like a little plotting shouldn’t be a problem).

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Just as a point of interest to file away not to use… what Standard WiFi have you & if you speedtested your WiFi connection, what was send up/down speed & latency?

now that you say that:

in case there is absolutely no way of putting a physical cable, be aware of the following:

  • Repeaters are absolutely deadly for stability. Especially the segnal will always show 100%. The absolute menimum (cringe) should be 4 bars
  • transitioning floors vertically is almost always deadly
  • transitioning through glass, beton, stone, rigips (Plaster plate) walls is deadly
  • rotating devices (motors, vacuum, washing machine, blowdryer, …) emit radio frequencies and can kill your signal (amazon learned that the hard way building a storage beneath a large scale industrial company with insanely big electrical motors)
  • Try connecting to a lower/older/slower standard as newer standards such as wifi 5 sacrifice reach/reliability for speed

It was whatever my Comcast modem used.

Looking at my modem’s status, it shows my phone connected as: Wi-Fi 2.4G. I do not know if that is what my PC was using. I know little about WiFi. I let my PC connect automatically via whatever it defaulted to.

I do not believe I speed tested the WiFi. However, I did keep a repeating “ping” going, and it jumped around between 2 or 3 ms, as well as hundreds of ms (the latter of which I suspect caused my syncing issues). Now that I am using a cable, nearly 100% of the pings are 2 ms, with a rare 13 ms reply. I have not seen it go any higher.

I am using a USB → Ethernet adapter, via a USB 2.0 port, for my internet connection. I believe that if I used my motherboard’s built-in Ethernet port that I would be getting 1 ms or less reply times.

I am using my motherboard’s Ethernet port for networking to my other Chia computers that are not on the internet. I have no other Ethernet ports, and no room for an add-in card. So I went the USB → Ethernet adapter route, and used my only remaining USB port, which is 2.0. But for the trickle of blockchain data, it is more than sufficient. I do zero other internet related activities on my Chia PC, other than forced Windows Updates.


yes, slow is totally sufficient. On my farm, there is only 1mbit available. Its enough. More important is that its stable connection.

Very nice idea by the way with the ethernet adapter. We use these at my dayjob (usb 3 and usb c) because these damn laptops have no ethernet port anymore. I have to say though, other than that its ugly, i didnt have a single one of them fail on me.

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