Time, Money, Results

How much time & money have you invested in the Chia Network, and what have been the results…in XCH?

I’m probably 240 hours time invested, $2000 money invested & 14 XCH results.

so if I were getting paid $60/hour, I’m just shy of 12 XCH invested. (at $1400/XCH)

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Here 1 block away to be on break-even (0 profit), so in the end - should be pretty profitable :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of time - I think it took me idk - 50 hours for creating all accounts, placing orders for hardware etc. so to be honest - not rly time-consuming :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m about $1000 in and no XCH yet

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Around 2k CapEx (Some large cap drives, a used JBOD and some Cat.7 wiring and switches → Thats not driven by Chia, would have needed anyway) = 0 XCH. Started in like first week of april with plotting/farming. And on top: A countless amount of time getting my PowerShell Module together :stuck_out_tongue:

I got to admit: I started for the money. But as of right now, I have a ton of fun with chia, even though I did not farm a block yet. I love the community and the adventuruous spirit. I mean I would potentially never ever get a public GitHub Repo going (first time I’m doing this), nor would I have spent so much time learning about storage and distributed systems at all. So even when I drop off with 0 XCH at some point, I look at the 2k investment as a sort of course I could otherwise take.


300 hours, $ 2.500, 11.5 xch, 10 months 230 TB. 2 xch OG plot, the rest is from space pool. When NFT came I replotted all OG plots.