Tips for medium-scale plotting

Hi friends, I’m relatively new to the world of Chia, but I saw its potential and I decided to jump into it. I would like to set up a dedicated server, for plotting and farming.
What characteristics do you think it should have to produce at least 20/30 plots a day? (Number of threads, RAM, SSD and HDD)

I was thinking of a 12c 24T, 3/4 TB SSD and 12/18 TB HDD, to be expanded later.

As mentioned, I am new and any advice of any nature is welcome.

Hello, Welcome to the forums

Check the pinned post on this topic: About the Chia Plotting category

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thank you very much, I found the reading very interesting. Even if I didn’t understand everything perfectly

If I understand correctly, correct me if I’m wrong, an optimal configuration for 10 plots in parallel could be:
cpu 12c 24t
60GB Ram
2x 2TB nvme as tmp drive
2x 14tb HDD

respectively 5 plots for final HDD, always following the linked article.
With this configuration, how much distance between one plot and another can be estimated as optimal?