Tmp Driving Filling Up with Plotman and Freezing Jobs

To start - Linux and Chia newb

Running plotman

I have two samsung 980 pros 2TB set in a raid0 for temp drive, 3.6TB shows up as usable

I have 8 core 16 thread processor (i7 11700k)

And a bunch of external drives for destination

I set it to plot 10 jobs parallel to test.

Issue I am having is that after 8 jobs progressing at most to about phase 3:2, my temp drive is full, and the plotting is almost frozen. . I don’t understand how this can be because I thought 10 parallel jobs would take up 240GB X 10, 2400 GB. If I have 3.6TB in temp storage, why is the drive filling up? Is my math wrong, or did I set up the drive or plotman wrong and its not deleting old temp files as the jobs progress?

Feeling very stuck, please help!!!

its actually 256GB of temp space If I remember correctly. 239 is GiB , a slight variation. Also those 2TB wont be exactly 2TB its rounded up. edit- but even then you should be good for space it appears.

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Plotman was apparently still running in the background during periods where I thought I had killed/suspended it and had filled up the drive partially. This is because I was using screen and didn’t understand how it worked lol

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