To many private keys, help!

I have a fairly beefy homelab and started a GUI miner on 4 machines… I know this is was mistake. I was able to get about 50 plots on each in a few days before starting to fix it by putting the same key on all of them.

On my one machine running the GUI / full node right now, I added the mnemonic key of all 4 private keys and all 4 are listed in the GUI. I currently have my newer primary private key selected and the network and wallet are in sync. I notice that when I go to keys and switch keys the network stays in sync but it starts to sync the wallet again (starting from zero).

I plan to start portable plotting as soon as it’s available so this is just to maximize my efforts until then.

All plots are listed as valid when doing a plots check and all of them are being advertised in the farm section.


With only the primary private key / wallet being in sync, is that the only plots I can win with?

Can a plot with another one of the private keys win?

If so, do I have to have that private key as active in the GUI and in sync to see the win? (If so that will take a long while to sync – All 4 private key wallets and then switch between them to get them back into sync)With having 8-900 plots currently, is it worth removing the 150 from the other keys… ideally so I can still farm these.

Thank you for the advice on what to do.

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