Toggling between solo and pool

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hypothetically, what should i do, what command i have to execute to fast and safe switch from pool to solo and vice versa?

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Oddly enough the info on this is very limited both in the github wiki and also most pools have very limited or no info on this (none that I can find easily enough to call it good info anyway)
most just list the way to start from scratch or how to do it in the GUI.
(in the GUI, you can just click the change pool button)

Here’s what I found for CLI commands to join a pool:
I think this should be correct one:
chia plotnft join -i 2 -u https://pooladdress
you then get a list of wallet ID’s to choose from. Unclear to me if or how you can choose a specific NFT from the same wallet ID

Also found these variations on various pool websites:
chia plotnft -i 2 -u https://pooladdress
chia plotnft -i2 -u https://pooladdress
chia plotnft join -i2 -u https://pooladdress

To leave, I think it is just this one
chia plotnft leave (return to solo)

for a full list of commands: chia plotnft --h

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so… this is not that easily to re-join, or at least it’s not guaranteed to be issues free. i see. well… thanks.

also, let me ask this. if i’m quitting pool, am i gonna expect 2.0 XCH as reward being solo farmer since that moment?

Whenever you create a new plotnft it creates a new wallet id associated with that NFT.
Which NFT belongs to which ID can be found with chia plotnft show.

The problem with joining and rejoining is that it takes awhile. Whenever you switch pool or join/leave a pool it’ll make a transaction in the blockchain, and then you have to wait 20-30 mins for that to update.

The chances of you winning a block in that window is pretty slim, but if it happens? Who knows who gets the reward. I would imagine it would go to the pool until the join/leave transition is complete.

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this is not what my question about? as pool farmer my reward is 0.25, what my reward as solo farmer 2.0 or 1.75?

As far as I know, as a solo farmer you should keep all the rewards for the block won which is 2XCH. If anyone knows differently feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

your reward will be 0.25 + 1.75 in those two parts

If you’re using GUI, just select self pool after clicking the change pool button.

thx Voodoo and uChiaFarmer. you were very helpful.