Too bad China won't crack down on chia farming

China has cracked down on bitcoin miners forcing them to stop mining.
Cryptocurrency are illegal in China. They are forcing the power generation industries
to shut down power to know miners. I am certain that chia will fall thru the cracks since power usage is low. Its a damn shame that network space has grown so out of control that you can spend $5k and 3 months later stil not win even 1xch…
I wonder how much of that netspace is due to farmers in countries like China that are farming illegally and just disrupting legal miners chances of winning. Seems Bram missed the mark when he attempted to setup a system where the little guy could still play…

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I don’t think Bram expected the little guy to get involved. The original idea of Chia was for MASSIVE data centers or corporate servers to do Chia on their spare storage and resources. They never envisioned little guys with less than let’s say 50TB (they never gave a TB number that defined corporate/massive spare storage) getting into the game. Only server farms or corporations looking to use unused resources (at least for now).

China appears bent on the only cryptocurrency in China being it’s own, the renminbi or digital yuan. Digital yuan is not a cryptocurrency like bitcoin as it is state run.

China wants to keep the creation of currency to itself. Crypto puts some capital creation into private hands and sometimes out of the banking system’s easy control and monitoring. China does not like this … and in reality the International Federal Reserve Banking Cartel is in full agreement.

I will not be surprised to see crackdowns on all crypto in China, including Chia.

Be careful what you hope for, because these anti-crypto agendas are deeply ingrained into our financial structure and crypto restrictions and/or bans may be coming to your country soon.


I heard that the US is looking to crack down on Crypto, more on a regulatory and oversight sort of thing. Mostly it involves illegal unsanctioned “corporate mines” using excessive amounts of power and stuff like that for now. One of the things that caught my eye is that the US is looking to create its own “crypto” version of the Dollar that is supposedly able to be traded 1 for 1. Unlike BTC or other currencies, the US Digital Dollar (or whatever it may be named) would be backed 1 crypto coin for 1 physical US Dollar.

I think China is looking to do the same as the US’s propsal but since the CCP doesn’t share its thoughts and feelings on things, you’ll never know till it happens. If you happened to guess correctly by coincidence, you are silenced.

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A big part of what makes crypto worthwhile is scarcity - the total number of full coins stays relatively constant (which is why a reasonable amount of Bitcoin is in the 0.0001 range now). But when the government is printing dollars hand over fist like it is, and the total availability of this dollar crypto you refer to has to grow to keep up with it in order to maintain an equal value… what’s the point?

I had heard it said that crypto was never meant to replace the dollar, it was meant to replace gold. Didn’t get that at first but it’s making more sense to me now.

As an aside… I do keep hearing about China cracking down… and… isn’t hpool in China? I get that they might be interested in going after PoW cryptos first in order to help sell the lie that being “green” has anything to do with their motives, but I can’t see how hpool can hide from the government just because it doesn’t have as big a power consumption footprint as PoW miners.

@Qwinn, That’s why I believe hpool just changed it’s domain name. from .com to .co

Before I say too much more about the Digital Dollar without doing my research, the info is on the project’s website. Basically they want the US Central Bank/the Federal Reserve to back a 1 digital Dollar to 1 physical Dollar digital crypto style coin. They want it centralized in nature and want the Federal Reserve/the current banking system(s) to have oversight and control.

They flat out said that it is used as a 3rd form of currency (if cash is 1 and credit/debit is 2, then the digital Dollar is this new 3rd kind of currency.) They envision people freely swapping physical dollar for digital whenever they want because they want the Federal Reserve to hold them to 1 digital Dollar per 1 Dollar. So YES, they think some could partially replace cash and card money with the digital if done correctly.