Too much wire. Any good solution?


Some months back I asked about too much power adapters.

I have got many suggestions. Since then I have been slowly improving my setup. I stuff as many internal hard drive as possible into old atx cases. Add USB hard drive with home made power source.

Now 400TB of chia farming. All kinds of wire. Any suggestion to make it neat? Thanks!

Man, do yourself a favor and remove the shiny part of that HD cover. It is really easy to do and will drop your temps a bit. Also, if you have that 12V line already there, put some low-speed fans there to further drop the temps down (don’t really need much airflow to cool them down). Those WD drives run rather hot in those enclosures.


Like before, I can only recommend 4bay usb-enclosures.
Reduces cables, helps cooling, saves a little power.


Thanks. That plastic film , yes it should be removed. I feel WD (that 14tb $200 deal) is less hot than those 6tb Seagate on the side. They all generate heat but they are warm not really hot. I did have several fans. I am running without fan now. My basement is not warm. And in summer time my basement is very cold.

I will re think the fan option. My problem now is messiness. All kinds of cables.

Yes, it should be removed together with the hard plastic that it sticks to :slight_smile:

Those drives are meant to run just few minutes per day, so the compound effects of being hot is different than with chia. On the top of that, you get only 2 years warranty and shit WD RMA process if needed, and my understanding it is based exactly on the fact that when used more, those drives are running too hot. Really, just two guitar pics, and you are done, no latches are broken (comparing to Seagate nightmare).

By the way @jmz has a really nice similar setup, maybe you can look at his images.

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“just two guitar pics, and you are done, no latches are broken (comparing to Seagate nightmare).”

Thanks! I will do.

Any good case you bros use? Like some kind 4U 3U case. I will buy a rack. I am looking at cases on amazon and ebay. Most middle $150 case can only mount <10 hard drive.

It really depends on what you already have, and where you want to be tomorrow. If you have most of the guts (mb, CPU, RAM, …), you should be able to buy about 20 bays case on Amazon for about $200 (sure, used on ebay would be less expensive), and you will be able to make it really quiet. On the other hand, those rack mounted cases are rather noisy, so you would need to get few big holes in those to replace those whining small fans.

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Thanks bro very much.

Can you please suggest what 20 bay case it is?

I bought several small old pc and transplanted the guts into bigger atx cases. Those cases are my old precession so the cost is zero. I can stuff 12 hard drives in a case.

Check “Desktop Farming” section there. That full tower will for sure take any quiet fan. It also looks like that 4u case should take quiet fans as well.

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When I took my drives out the temp when down 25 degrees

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I got this one and it’s been great. Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL

I want one of these with all 18TB hard disks :+1:

Here is an interesting possibility:

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when 1 xch is more expensive than 1 btc I may get one of this.

I have seen this. Shipping is $270 to me.

I don’t think you need to remove the cover of these drives, from my experience with them they run pretty cool. And too low temps isn’t good, you’re good around 30°C.

Any cheap gpu mining case (rack format) will do for chia mining, stuck your externals in there and you’re saving lots of space.

A system with 6 fans properly oriented for flow through cooling of 24 HDDs is not easy to find.
The price of this system including shipping is about the cost of ONE 18TB drive.
If you want to solve a particular problem, you need he right tool. After further research I found a review for this case on discord which said it was not good, so I guess this is not the best tool.

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Removing the cover to external drives will lower the Temp, I was running around 135 F and with the covers off they are around 95 F to 104 F. So yes it helps and the next step is.