[Toronto - Canada] Fill up one 16TB HDD with plots for me

I have a 16TB seagate drive that I want to fill up with plots. Probably uncompressed or only slight compression due to running my farmer from a raspberry pi 4. I can give you the plot and pool keys

Can anyone offer plotting service for me? I’ll give you the hard drive and then come back to pick it up with payment. Doesn’t need to be fast, can be over 1-2 weeks.

Let me know the price, Thanks

What type of PC’s do you have around that run windows?

I have a ~ 3-4 year old HP pavilion all-in-one computer. But i don’t want to tie it up with plotting during this time

A single 16TB drive can be easy plotted by your own.

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Sure. I have to put 20 characters so bonus sentence.

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5pm is good for me. Text is fine. I’ll be wearing a grey sweatshirt. We can talk specifics then.