Total chia farmed: 0.0

I have yet to win any Chia.
So I ran:

chia farm summary

The first two lines of output read:
Farming status: Farming
Total chia farmed: 0.0

It is the latter of the two lines that concerns me.

What has to happen for the “Total chia farmed” value to be other than “0.0”?

Thank you.

How many plots do you have and how long have you been farming them? You need around 1500 plots at least for it to be more likely than not that you will win in a month, and that isn’t even guaranteed.

Are you saying that there is a correlation between winning Chia and the “Total chia farmed” value?

From the wording of the summary, I thought, perhaps, that none of my plots were being farmed.
But it could also mean that that value is the total Chia farmed (meaning, actually obtained).

So the “Total chia farmed” can be 0.0, meaning no wins yet, while at the same time, it is unrelated to my plots being farmed?

Yes, that value is the number of XCH you have won, the farm status output should also show your plot count, size, and the expected time to win.

If you have a lot of plots and aren’t winning, in fact I’d recommend this however many plots you have, make sure your challenge response times are under 5 seconds, on Linux there is a log file here:


If you have slow challenge response times, the log lines that indicate that will look like this:

Looking up qualities on (plot id) took: 5.103028297424316. This should be below 5 seconds to minimize risk of losing rewards.

So you can grep for those lines like this (you want to find zero lines):

grep 'qualities' ~/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log

The same log on Windows is apparently under:


I have not yet won any Chia.
Everything seems to be functioning properly.

But until I actually reap a win, I cannot be 100% certain that all is well.

So when I saw “Total chia farmed” was 0.0, I thought it best to see if that was normal, or if it was an indication that my plots are not being farmed.

Yes, it also states “Farming status: Farming”. But that just seemed to be possibly contradictory, depending on the meaning of “Total chia farmed”.

I think that everything is working. But absent a win, I wanted to be sure I am not overlooking anything.

My log has only 4 entries for this. Each of the 4 entries are over 5 seconds.
Two entries were on one day, and the other two entries were on another day.

I am guessing that only challenges that took more than 5 seconds are entered into the log?
Is my assumption correct?

Yep that sounds alright, a few over a period of days is nothing to be worried about, possibly you were reading/writing from that disk at that time in another process or processes.

You will only get log lines that look like that when the time is over 5 seconds, yes.

Keep an eye on it and make sure it stays like that, what you don’t want is many entries like that.

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