Total Network Space go down

I saw this morning the Total Network Space go down…
Maybe good news for the small farm… Don’t want to go on the pool
If Total Network Space go down " 30.009 EiB", that people start to boring Chia
What do you think ?

I have 2 friends selling their rigs and just deleted their plots. One due to XCH value dropped and see farming is no longer viable. One due to see no practical use for XCH blockchain so far. Both sell their rigs at loss. Just two data points from me.

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If XCH is at $1 then, half netspace does not give you anything.

Mainnet’s been live for 4 months. Talk about premature ejaculation.


actually it remains at 30EB up and down~~~ without much drop at the moment.
Let us see how things goes in the coming days, with the price at the moment, I don’t think network space will grow very fast as previous showed in May…

This is good news! That means my Estimated Time to Win will decrease :smiley: .

Yeah, you exstimated win to win a XCH which is worth a cent will increase. Yeah!

I think for the next ~45 to ~60 days post-launch of pooling we’re going to see this, where the total netspace hovers with only incremental, if any, growth. Most people are deleting plots, and replotting them, so growth is stalling. Further more, most people aren’t bothering to one-in-one-out their plots, due to wanting to save time and effort, and are just wiping an entire drive and then spending a few days re-filling it, causing large swaths of plots to vanish regularly.

I would expect growth will go back to a semi normal (but now more sustainable than it was before) curve around the end of august, if not slightly before.