Total Plots increase, total Network size decreases, yet time to win Increases?

I’ve now taken three snapshots of my farm where my plot total has increased, and the total network size (fluctuating now around 31 EiB) has decreased, but my time to win has increased.

I know these “numbers” are estimates, but are they really that off?

I hit “19 days to win” four days ago, and it’s back up to 21 today, despite higher plot count and smaller network.

Can anyone explain?

That does sound weird. Through plotting away daily, or a couple different machines, I’ve been stuck on ‘2 months’ let’s see, oh for about 2 months now! Go figure. Just hurry up and go nowhere.

Hehe. I know “two months” well, and his kid brother “one month.” They tend to overstay their welcome, but move on eventually.

I’m just hoping they know they’re not welcome here anymore!