Trade new 8tb hd for plots

I have 8 new never opened sea gate 8tb Hd I would be willing to trade for plots. These msrp for $220. I would trade each for 440 plots.

Hi, do you have a place where I can store the plots for you to download? Like cloud storage?

Yes, I have a cloud with

Ok, how much storage do you have?

I have 400 Tb but I’m willing to part with 64tb for plots.

Ah ok makes sense, so do you have an upload/storage limit in the crowdstorage website?

I am currently testing out dropbox to see how it works with PLOT files.

No upload or download limits. It’s actually optimized for chia plots.

Ok, I will send you a PM.

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@Tschneringer I just want to warn you - Crowdstorage has a 90 day minimum retention policy: that means an object (a plot file) will be charged for minimum 3 months of storage no matter how long you keep it on there: meaning if you plan to store these 64TB of plots, you will be charged minimum $768 for 3 months of storage, even if you only keep them for a week. Just thought you should know - I’ve had similar issues with Wasabi.

@Tschneringer disregard - just saw your post acknowledging this in another thread