Transfer all my plots to one disc

My plots are on different hard disks. If I merge them into a single disk, will I have a problem? I created them all in the same wallet.


You should not have any problems … BUT … your mileage may vary.
Let me explain. I’ve been moving plots around for optimizing disk usage. I have moved plots from site A to site B without incident. I have moved plots from site A to NAS to site B without incident.
So, it has worked in my experience. Also, I have moved mixed wallet plots as I consolidate. This has also not been a problem so far.

HTH ~ coinMunkey

Moving them to the same disk is not a problem. But, I would recommend creating a folder for each disk they come from and put them in those folders. Don’t just drop them all in one folder. I have had issues harvesting one large folder. It seems to behave better with smaller folders even though the overall size is the same.

Thanks for information. Each plot is in a different folders.