Transfer Chia from my pool to the wallet

unable to find the way to transfer from my pool to the Chia Wallet.
I have the Chia Wallet receive address but can’t see where to the start in the Pool.

A pool name would help.


Under the pooling tab in the GUI, there’s an expanded menu on your pool NFT (three dots or hamburger menu, I forget). There is a link specific to you that you can paste in a browser - it says it doesn’t work for all pools but it worked on mine :smiley:!

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Thanks for your considered reply.

I am using Space Pool.

I have tested using the faucet and it was completed, twice

I increased it to the min allowed to transfer and has yet to come through, may be I don’t understand the connection/relationship between the GUI and the Pool.

I have other Chia in an Exchange and want to transfer all Chia to the Wallet/GUI for peace of mind.

Before I attempt I just need to confirm the process.


Thank you for your prompt reoly.

Space pool

Send a small amount from the exchange if you are unsure. I test with 0.10 or 0.01 XCH transfers to see if wallets are working correctly from exchanges.

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Thank for your reply,

Maybe you can explain exactly what I am looking at.

In my Chia GUI I have in the Wallet, the amount I have farmed in Space Pool plus a small amount.

Where at this stage does my Chia reside?

The GUI wallet or Space Pool?

Thanks for your patience.

If it’s in your wallet, it’s on the blockchain already - the pool has already sent it and has no control of it. That’s all yours!

Pools get paid when a miner blocks, then distribute those coins based on your share of the partials submitted. It’s up to the pool to be honest at this point - you’re trusting them to be fair. Anything they have marked as owed to you in the dashboard (Internet browser and their website) are still pool coins and you won’t see them anywhere else because they haven’t been paid out yet. They won’t be in your wallet or any blockchain explorer until the pool releases those coins.

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everything is ok.

Thanks for your help


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