Transfer large amounts of plots from one NAS to another over LAN?

I have two Synology DSs connected over 10 GB Cat 7 and tranfsrerring plots between them is PAINFULLY slow. It’s been 5 days and it’s only transferred 50 TB. Any ideas?

assuming there are harddrives inside, you’re just bottlenecked there.
Hard drive will write like 150 MB/s, so that works out to about 50TB in 5 days

If you can copy to different hdd’s at the same time would be better but better just swap the disks over

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Damn. I thought it must be the HDDs. Thanks for the confirm.

I had to do the exact same thing. I originally formatted my volumes incorrectly on my Synology’s. So I had to move the plots from one to another so I could reformat. I found the fastest way is to copy the files using File Station on the destination NAS. Mount the remote folder using:

File Station → Tools → Mount Remote Folder → CIFS Shared Folder → Enter the share on the other NAS

Then just copy from one folder to the other in File Station and let it run. Leave the browser running (minimized) while the copy is running. I have had the copy stop and lock up the NAS when I closed the browser once. Had to reboot it. I think it ran about 20 minutes per plot.

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