Transfer plots from one PC to another

Is it correct to say it is better to have several computers for Chia mining: one more powerful for plotting, the other less powerful for farming?
How can you transfer plots from one PC to another? Are plots just files? Can u transmit them over LAN?
Additional question. Is it possible to use PC for farming for everyday tasks / gaming / mining while farming?

Hi - welcome.

I don’t know if I would say “correct” but when starting a lot of people do it that way, they create plots on powerful machines and then move the files to a shared directory and farm on a raspberry pi or some less powerful machine etc as that doesn’t require too many hardware resources.

Once your plot files grow in numbers you might need to look at alternative options as some users are facing performance issues with too many plot files, but… by then hopefully you can have better familiarity and change your setup accordingly :slight_smile:

The final plot files are just files, they are quite large (~101GB) so moving them around could take a while but you can move them as you need - LAN, USB drives, anything should work.

Yes it is possible to use the farm PC for other activities (not sure on mining).