Transfer XCH from Wallet to buy new HDD

Need some guidance on transfer of XCH from my wallet to Binance account and get money to buy new HDD.

What is the best( i.e. safe / reliable / cheap) way to do this.

Well Binance does not trade XCH as far as I can see, so that won’t work.

So fist you have to use an exchange that accepts XCH. I use OKEX myself to trade for USDT or BTC and then send it from there to a trader that I can sell BTC for Eur.

either that way or find a XCH exchange where you can trade directly for Fiat currency.

Or if you are in the states.

I guess I have to open an account with OKEX or some other exchange that trades XCH and then change XCH to USDT or BTC or something else and then transfer that to my Binance account, in order to get the money out.