Transfered 10 xch since 19 dec but still havent receive

Transferred 10xch from wallet (1.2.11) since 19 dec but still havent received the coin. Farmer and harvesters all running on windows 10 PRO. Is this due to dust storm attack or something else?

Dust storm.

Did you use a fee?

Should come through soon, TX rate has dropped.

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I had a simile issue transferring to a cold wallet. I normally use Chiaexplorer site to check the balance on this wallet as I don’t normally have it synched (cold wallet). I decided to synchronise the wallet yesterday to check and sure enough the xch was there.

Still on Chia explorer it doesn’t show. In fact Chia explorer doesn’t show any transactions since the 18th.

Think that site is not up to date at the moment.

Try xchscan. 20 characters.

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Yes shows on xchscan and not in chiaexplorer… thanks…

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Unfortunately Im using 0 fee…

Is the wallet with the receive-address you sent it to synced?
Did you check with that receive-address in the search-bar?

Even with zero fee it should be through by now.

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Xchscan shows the transaction went into the correct wallet but not reflected in chia block explorer. Also I noticed I stop winning blocks for a week while previously without missing a day on winning. Dust storm seems to wreck chia pretty bad. I hope the developer will be able to do something about this.

Thanks man for helping out

Xch scan is an explorer
If they show as there, they are there…

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Goodmorning Bones, Did any of your machine freeze last night? Just asking, my mainbox stopped syncing at 9:57 last night, just restarted the GUI just now.

Hi, last 24 hrs I have no loss of sync, and longest response of 3.312 sec.
That’s with 80 peers.

Mine is coming back, this may be the first time that I can remember it doing this.

There is / was another dust attack, seems to be better now though.

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We need some dust filters from the hardware store!!!

Thanks and noted. Based on my last wallet amount on 14th Dec, there were 140.843132228547 xch. If I transferred 10xch 3 days ago, I should get total 150.xx xch. But on xchscan latest info showing only 148.343133228547 (including 2 recent block wins). So I still have 2 xch missing from my wallet… All these while I’m using chiaexplorer instead of xchscan so I’m not entirely sure I’m getting the right info all this while. I probably need to check the history for both chiaexplorer and xchscan website.

Can’t you download the light wallet, on a new box, not to be installed on a farmer box.
Syncs superfast and should stop your reliance on external sources.

Yes I did check on but seems the amount doesn’t tally. I always send coins to the same wallet and check on after transferring.

I will check once I can get hold the remote laptop to check if it is properly synced.

Thanks for helping man. seems to be out of order, it’s not up to date but ‘stopped’ sometime the 18th.
xchscan is up to date, at least a transfer from my pool arrived very quickly just 15 minutes ago (almost instantly.

You are using the same wallet all the time, but also the same address? A chia wallet accumulates all funds but can use many different ‘child’ addresses. chiaexplorer and xchscan only check the address entered but do not accumulate funds as the wallet software does.
So maybe you changed receive-address in your transfers to a ‘fresh’ one, still on your wallet but different on the scanning sites…

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Also, are you using a cold wallet? I expect so because you are using the scanning sites to follow the contents of your wallet and not on your own system.
Using the light wallet as suggested by Bones still means you have to enter your mnemonics on an online machine so not the idea of a cold wallet. But if you just want to check once or twice you could spin up a fresh virtual machine, only install the light wallet, let it sync in minutes, check and then delete the whole VM. Would be very special if a (social) hacker could get to that VM in the meantime.

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What is a light wallet? Sounds exactly what I need…