Transferring plots to Pi


Just wondering if I could get some advice off somebody more knowledgeable than myself (shouldn’t be too hard to find…). I’ve been playing around with Chia (in a VERY small and limited way) since just after mainnet launched. I’m not totally computer illiterate, but doing stuff in linux, and the whole networking side of stuff is all pretty new to me, so it’s been really interesting.

I’ve currently got an external drive containing my plots attached to a Pi 4 running the node/wallet/farmer. I have been creating plots on my work windows computer and transferring them over SMB, but I recently resurrected an old machine to act as a dedicated plotter and installed ubuntu on it.

My issue is that no matter how I transfer files across to the external Pi drive, it seems to cause dropped signage points (I’m monitoring it using Chiadog). Transferring via smb/cifs, using the archive/rsync link from plotman - even manually transferring everything on a usb drive - they all seem to overload the pi somehow and caused the dropped signage points. I think all the routers/switches/cables in my network are gigabit, so I feel like it might be an I/O limitation on the Pi? Maybe? :wink:

As I say, I’m a bit of networking moron, but does anyone else have this problem and how are people dealing with it? Is my best bet to simply use the newly resurrected computer as a plotter and harvester, and farm from the Pi? Or just to do everything from the plotter machine and ignore the Pi completely for now?



I’m thinking in two solutions. One is trying to copy over SCP (ssh secure copy) maybe could work.
The second, is use a share folder. I have my ubuntu server with 3 disks sharing plot’s folder over the local network, and i added this folder to “plots directory” in the chia GUI in my PC. Y made this plots with my PC having the SSD then copied to the linux share folder. In my PC added this folder and all is fine.
Other possibility could be to run the chia client directly on the raspberry. Via CLI (Command line inerface) you can use the harvester only or if you prefer, the full node.
Hope that helps you, is only take time to try :wink: