Transform script from Linux to Windows

I want my Chia Wallet History to show more than the last 50 transactions. Someone posted a script to do this in Linux, but I can’t figure out how doing it on Windows.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you

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You’re going to have a rough time with that. Not only do you need to run the Bash script to patch the source code, but you’ll then need to run the Linux version of the source code in Windows. This would have to be re-done every time the blockchain is updated, and it’s possible the script itself will need to be adapted due to changes from upstream.

If it’s necessary for you, I’d advise just switching to Linux to use it. Otherwise you’re asking a LOT from strangers on the internet.

Well, didn’t know it’s so complicated. Maybe all I can hope for is they patch it in the next release.

You should back it up somewhere. If you’ve got that many important transactions, just copy them occasionally to a file in the cloud or something.

Isn’t there a blockchain explorer? Isn’t that like their purpose?

If the UI can show 50 transactions, it should also be able to easily show all. Also, the paging code is similar/same to what is there for your all your plots. So, all software components are there. It should not take too long to get it done for the UI team.

I would suggest to open an enhancement issue on github to get it done in one of the next releases of chia. I think that more people would like to see it done.

Actually, paging is already implemented there, so maybe you can just ask to either get an edit field to provide the max number of transactions, or potentially enter that number in config.yaml. It should be really trivial for Chia team to do.

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Well, I asked on Github, but I don’t think they care.

Well, your request has been assigned to a maintainer. And when it got automatically assigned a “stale” tag, somebody manually removed it. So I’d say it’s generally looking in your favor.