Trillion dollar game played by mainly by pirates

If u think k 33 is a good idea right now.
If I think farming on a pi is meaningful.
If u think plotting/farming on one machine means “efficient”
If u believe ur smb or nfs cifs is working well for you.
If u think O r can just sit back and do nothing and contribute nothing and just farm…to win.

If u think there’s only way way to win coins faster.

Stop scaling. Stop buying new crap. Just stop. Your hurting chia long term. People need to sit down and really think about this… at this rate chia will only fall in price…

Don’t believe everything u read on here.
There is hope for small farmers willing to learn and try. .

Peoples focus on this forum is to get you to quit.

Please use with caution.

Slaty dogs.rrrrrrr

Nurse, nurse, more medication needed here :laughing:


Nurse here, please don’t look him in the eyes :grimacing:


Those darn “slaty” dogs…

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Bit of a contradiction there.

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Does your cat’s breath smell like cat food?
Also, what are you contributing?

I dont have a cat. 20 chrs

:joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:I give up. It’s all just fun and games for now I gues.