TruePool by the makers of TrueNAS

Introduction: is now out of the testing phase and open for public pooling operation. In conjunction with this release, we have published our official version 1.2.0 of the TruePool developed Chia Docker image, which is the basis of the official TrueNAS SCALE App.

This docker image not only includes Chia 1.2.0, but also the latest versions of the MadMax Plotter, Plotman and monitoring agents. This image can be deployed via any standard container system, and run on TrueNAS natively, Windows, OSX and Linux with ease, giving you the most powerful and complete Chia environment available.

With these announcements, the gates are now open to begin farming in earnest. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to get setup with your TruePool plotnft token to start plotting and farming today!

Why Join TruePool?

TruePool is made of various team members of the TrueNAS Project, the world’s most popular open source NAS. Our aim is to provide the most convenient, robust, and professional plotting/farming platform for Chia farmers.


The pool operator fee is 1% with 25% of that going back to the TrueNAS Project for further development.

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Quick update. We’re adding about 100TB+ per day and we suspect we’ll be over 1PB by the end of the week. Hop in the discord and say hi!

TruePool docker image has been updated to Chia 1.2.1 and includes the new “BladeBit” RAM plotter.

Are the TruePool stats on the website correct? You have 405.45TB only? I have a quarter of that amt solo, how can you have 164 pool members with so little storage? Maybe I’m missing something?

Probably because they’re replotting not that fast…
Do you have 100 TB of portable plots? I guess, no.

Stats are correct. We’re just getting going. Many of us have over 1PB each and we’ll be rolling out videos on TrueNAS YouTube channel (25k subs) soon.

1pb and still not winning any block?

Most of us have all OG plots, and just started replotting for pooling in the past few days. I’ve won 3 blocks (solo) in the past 45 days or so and suspect we’ll be seeing some pool wins here before too long :grinning:

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They are up to 3 PB now and growing… I am surprised their pool isn’t even bigger by now since they are a team from a pretty popular NAS software and not just a chia pool.

Slow and steady wins the race :slight_smile:

There’s plenty of EiB to go around in the Chia-Verse and we’ve been steadily building up a community who are all diligently plotting away day and night.