Trying to Beat 32 plots a day w/ Ryzen 9 3900

I am trying to beat 32 plots a day with my system below. Most changes that I think may help, slow everything way down and I end up going out of Sync farming, I assume because I run out of RAM or Threads. I have tried adjusting Major stagger to 1, I have tried a few different thread settings, I have tried various stagger phase limit (this setting doesn’t seem to stop anything). So question did I hit my max plots per day or is there something I am missing?
OS- Ubuntu
CPU- Ryzen 9 3900
2 x Intel 4501 2TB (each) Not raided, Firmware updated
32 GB Ram DDR4 3600-set properly in BIos
TufGaming x570
Plotting to external through USB 3 Gen 2

Plotman setting
2 x SSD (4501 2Tb)
2 x HHD (externals WD)
Stagger major 2
stagger phase minor 1
stagger phase limit 2
Max per SSD 7
Max total 14
Stagger delay 60
K 32
Threads per 4
buffer 3389

Appreciate any guidance, thanks

try to open the external drives and plug them directly into the sata interface no PC. It will gain a little more speed. Usb will always be slower.

The fact you don’t post RAM speed says you need a lot to learn, sorry if that came out as badly as i think :smiley: .

I have very similar system, 3900x, 64GB 3200 ram 3x 1TB WD black sn750

Running 32-33 plots a day.

There was one guy here who said he hit 40 plots/day running 16 plots at a time. but if I do anything over 12 plots at one time, my plots times go past 10 hours. 11 at a time seems to be my magic number. It took me quite a while to find it though.

The things that he really had different was 3600mh memory, and it has been observed and explained that ryzen cpu’s benefit greatly from faster memory because of the i/o limit in the infinity fabric.
He also had more and better ssd’s, but honestly I don’t think those drives are the difference, doesn’t matter if I add another drive, plots times are still going past 10 hours if I try 14 plots.
He was also on linux, I’m running in windows

So it might really be a memory difference + linux but I don’t feel like changing my memory to try it out.

You guys on linux? I have 2 3900X, one i can put RAM in 3400MHz and i get 32-33 Plots, the other has 3000MHz and is at 28-29.

I have to install Linux i think.

I have updated my original post, I should not have left out the OS and ram speed.

My main concern is when I push my system too much, it seems to knock me out of Sync. I want faster plots, but if I stop harvesting that makes faster plots useless.

You must be on linux to hit absolute peak plotting per machine, there is a 10% performance hit on Windows due to the lack of free 128-bit compilers as I understand it.