Trying to Resurrect Old 24 Word Chia Wallet

I’m trying to resurrect my chia farm. When I try a clean install of chia and I want to connect my old wallet, it asks for my 12 word mnemonic list.
However, when I created my chia farm wallet, it was created using a 24 word list.
How do I add my 24-word wallet, when the new version of chia (2.2.1) asks for only a 12 word list?

What happened to your farm and what version were you on?
I know its a pain but install 2.1.4, get it running then upgrade!!! To 2.2.1 and your done…

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I was using a version of chia that was 2 years old.
The NVME drive that I was using for my Chia database died.
That’s why I’m trying to upgrade to the newest version.
I’ll try your suggestion of first installing 2.1.4, getting my 24 word wallet working, then upgrading to 2.2.1.
Has Chia’s security requirement downgraded from 24 word wallets to 12 word wallets?

No, did you download from Downloads - Chia Network or Releases · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub

Seems really odd its asking for 12 words, not the 24.

Problem solved. I re-tried Chia 2.2.1 install and re-adding my pre-existing wallet.
It turns out that it DID ask for my 24 words.
What threw me was the option to “Import from 12 word mnemonic”. Why does it say 12 instead of 24?
Anyway, I’m moving forward to rebuilding my Chia farm.
Thanks, all!


A mnemonic can be 12 words rather than 24.
Ive never seen 12 word mnem in chia though, maybe they were trialling something.

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One of the latest and fast adopting algorithm is ECDSA (e.g., in ssh / OpenSSL). It offers shorter keys while providing the same level of security. Most likely, CNI is working on implementing it.

Here is a nice comparison of RSA vs ECDSA - ECDSA vs RSA: Everything You Need to Know.

If you check that table about the key lengths needed for equal security, having only 12-word mnemonic (instead of 24) for ECDSA will offer stronger security than what we currently have. Although, I am not sure whether there will be a future path to switch from 24 to 12 (for the same wallet), maybe not. What it also means is that for new wallets that 12-word mnemonics may be preferred (when available for public).

However, as noted in that article, ECDSA (nor any other older algorithm) is not post-Quantum (PQ) ready. What also adds to the confusion is how NIST recently selected the leading candidates for PQ standardization.

Here is a relevant Wikipedia article about Q-Day with respect to blockchain - Q-Day.

Lastly, what is worth to notice is that MSoft / Apple / Google have already started looking into transitioning to PQ algos (which may still be proven to be non-PQ ready).