Two ASUS Hyper M.2 x16 4 port NVME PCI express cards for sale

I have these two ASUS Hyper M.2 4 port NVME cards for sale:

If you want something cheaper I also have this handy supermicro 2 port nvme card for sale:

All of those would make a super fast plotter, just RAID all the drives and bam! :boom:

For farmers, if you want 10 extra SATA ports I have a PCI card that’ll give you that as well:

(suitable for farming only, since it’s 6gbps shared bandwidth for all 10 drives.)

I’ll flag this topic for deletion once the auctions close.

I so would buy one of those hyper cards…if you where in Europe :sweat_smile:

What happend, you stopped plotting?

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I over-bought and I am not planning to re-plot for pooling.

Debating if I want to go down this road or not. Just spent the last 15 minutes seeing if my mobo supports bifurcation (it does!). But then I’d have to get more drives to fill it haha.

Would you sell it directly, and if so for what price?

Well, I’ve already started the ebay process on those two, but I did hold back a third card, a v4, for my own self. I might be convinced to sell it for the right price, but I also am curious how fast it’ll be with 4 980 pros in RAID…

No worries, I understand. I’ll keep an eye on the eBay listings. Tbh I don’t even know what retail is on them :joy::rofl:.

Haven’t you already used that setup in a raid though? Not to hijack this thread. I’ll go back thru the forums. I’ve done so much reading today, everything is all blended together.

How do you power 10 SATA drives !?! I see those SATA power splitting cables, but surely there is a better way? (Combining 10 SATA power splitters into a mini cthulu inside my case strikes me as a bad idea…)

Selling one right now in Germany with 3h remaining:

items sold thanks everyone!