Ubuntu - Plot Location Issue

Hey all. I’m running Ubuntu where most disks are local and a few are network attached. When I load the GUI to run a full node, it doesn’t see the plots until I manually visit those disks (outside of chia UI) and then refresh plots. If I only visit a couple of disks and refresh plots, I only see those. Is this a Ubuntu issue or Chia issue? Any advice would help because I don’t know where to go from here.

When you say local, do you mean directly connected via SATA or connected via USB? If it’s USB disks, did you rely on the automatic mounting Ubuntu does in the GUI instead of setting them up in /etc/fstab?

As a side note, if you have disks mounting from /etc/fstab on Ubuntu, do yourself a favor and set a root password:

sudo su

It looks like SystemD took over fstab mounts and Debian 10 / Ubuntu 20.04 won’t boot if you’re missing a disk listed in fstab. Without a root password SystemD won’t drop to a recovery console which means dealing with a failed disk turns into a really hard problem for most people.

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These are directly connected via SATA. The mounts are /media/username/mountname. The shared mounts are /run/user/1000/gvfs/smb-share:server=...

Do you know if they’re listed in /etc/fstab or how they get mounted?

cat /etc/fstab

Running cat /etc/fstab list 2 mounts. One has 'errors=remount-ro'.

The mounts aren’t listed there though, to answer your question. Not sure why those other mounts show there with one error.

If you have hotplug enabled (in the BIOS) for those SATA ports, they probably show up as an external disk to Ubuntu. What you’re describing for mounting in /media is the way external drives work. That’s why you have to click on them once every time you restart your computer. You’d have to get them added to fstab with specific mount points to get them to mount on boot. It’s possible there’s a way to get them to auto-mount via the GUI, but I don’t use the GUI much. You could try searching / asking on Ask Ubuntu.

As for the errors=remount-ro thing in fstab, that’s not an error. That’s just an option to have the volume remount in read only mode if something goes wrong. Basically it’s a way to help prevent data loss if something breaks horribly. The installer would have picked good options for everything there, so you can ignore it.

Okay, that is probably my issue since I do plug in drives while everything is running. I’ll google around and figure out how to make them permanent mounts. Thanks a bunch, Ryan. I really appreciate your help on this.