Ubuntu Upgrade to 21.04 messed things up

Hello guys!

I am fairly new to Linux, and being unaware I did an update from Ubuntu 20.04 to 21.04 and something went wrong. I get the following JavaScript error (as attached on the photo). If I press OK, I am stuck at wallet loading.

Any ideas on how to fix it?? Or do I need to re-install the chia GUI / ubuntu all together?? How can I save my wallet with my coins in such a case?

Screenshot from 2021-07-20 00-22-52

You should be able to re-install without worrying about losing your wallet or coins so long as you remember your 24-word mnemonic, everything else is backed up on the blockchain, and your .chia folder.

So go ahead and delete the chia-blockchain directory and re-install Chia. Once it loads up you should find everything is still there.

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Thank you for the reply!

And what about the .chia foler? I have seen people saing to delete the “blockchain_” files in the db folder in mainnet? Are you familiar with this?

Thats for a different issue. So don’t touch the .chia folder for now.

sudo reboot? ***********************

Might sound stupid, but did u consider using the cli?
Most tipps for chia are described for the cli-commands, so ull find infos easier with that.
Also, last time i checked, Linux-GUI was experimental.

Beside that, @uChiaFarmer already said, whats important.

Worked like a charm, thank you very much for the help!!

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It all got resolved, thank you very much for the support :slight_smile: