UK Hertfordshire / London - 2TB RAM plotter

Hi all,

I have a HP C3000 chassis with 4 servers inside it (HP G7 bl685 servers) each populated with 512gb of RAM (half populated with 16x32gb sticks).
All servers are dual 2.8ghz cpu, 12 core (24 cores per server) and dual boot ssd drives.

This could be the ultimate whale ram plotter

The RAM alone is worth about £48 per 32GB stick. I’m happy to sell the whole lot (the chassis, all 4 servers and the hard drives) for the price of the RAM sticks. 64 x £48…£3072.

The c3000 chassis is fully populated with modules as well. All psus populated and working, over 32x1gbit network ports and 16*SAS connectors over 2 sas modules.

I also have 30 spare 8GB ram sticks (240gb) you can have for free to bulk up / reconfigure the servers… Ie. Server 1: 1tb of ram(!) , server 2+3: 512gb ram, server 4: 240gb ram.

The thing is very heavy I’m afriad so I cannot do delivery. Pickup only from St Albans. I’ll give you a hand removing all the modules and lifting into car. Can also show it working.

I’ll send some more pictures soon but Im sure you know what you are buying if you want the above beast for your setup.

I planned to use it myself, but its too much for my wife to handle even in my man cave in my house (as you’ll see when you pickup).

Send me a PM if you are interested.


That’s a really nice server. It’s out of my budget for a plotter but it’s going to make a very happy buyer!