UK : How To Buy Chia


I am UK-based and would like to buy Chia coins whilst the price is low. What is the best way?


Use an exchange that supports GBP deposits like to buy USDT (Tether), then withdraw the USDT to and then within transfer the USDT to XCH, you can then withdraw the XCH from to your wallet if you wish.

You can use any other crypto that is supported for withdraw in and deposit in in place of USDT.

(Note: last time I did anything like this I used binance rather than coinbase, but binance no longer supports GBP withdrawls so I wouldn’t recommend it any more in the UK, however the process will be the same)

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why not just use okex?


If that has all the necessary features (deposit GBP and withdraw XCH) then definitely use that, I couldn’t find an exchange that supported all of those things when I last looked, but maybe I just didn’t look hard enough.

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You can also trade xch on kucoin

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You can buy XCH on Huobi and they use Faster Payments for deposits. You can also find a list of exchanges that trade XCH on

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