[UK Only] - Ebay Auction - Selling 394TB External and Internal Hard Drives


Some might know, it’s not the first time I tried to sell my Chia mining farm. Last time the eBay auction was stopped because I mentioned the XCH earnings of this rig, this time there is no mention of this so it should sell.

Bid starts at £4200 and the winner buys my entire Chia mining rig.

If you’re from the UK and you’re interested, you can find a link here: 394 TB Hard Drives HDD Chia Mining Rig/Farm XCH + Accessories (Read Description) | eBay

Auction ends on the 13th of Dec at 21.00 GMT (7 days from today)

Everything is explained in the description, please make sure to read it carefully before you bid. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

PS: In case you are wondering, the current XCH price is not the reason why I wanted to sell, I still believe Chia will make it big in time but personal circumstances are forcing my hand to take this step.

Good luck with the sale.

“I would actually prefer if we could check the condition of all drives and accessories before finalizing the transaction, this way I know you will be happy with your purchase.”

I believe that would help your sale, crystal disk would do that for you. For the drives anyway.

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Hey, thanks. Any idea how long it would take to scan all 394 TB?

Only asking because I was told a deep scan to check for bad sectors would last 8 hours for a 4TB hard drive. This is actually why I did not attempt to do a full scan of all drives.

It displays data from each drive, it doesn’t scan them, and you should get results in under 10 mins I’d think, it just reads that data from the drives.

Why did mentioning the XCH earnings of the rig result in the stopping of the eBay auction?

Ah I see. Well I can run it of course to see what results I get. I will post the result later today. Thanks

Just take a screenshot of each drives results , thats what I think would be best.

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I don’t know, the way it was worded it said complaints flagged it as against their policies so eBay stopped the sale. I received a warning from them.

It’s all I know

It was also mentioned that coin sales and estimates are not allowed to be advertised in the title so that might be the main reason why it was stopped.

Anyway, anyone can use https://chiacalculator.com/

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Alright, will do. Thanks

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Thanks for the suggestion to add the health and status info for hard drives with crystal disk. I’ve done it and the newly added screenshots should be visible now.

I agree, this info should help with the sale. Have a great day ahead!


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I’d be tempted possibly, not looked at the drive results yet, but im over 200 mile away, so not alot of good.

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Could you please tell me in what town or city you live? So I can get an estimation of the time and cost I would incur if you do decide to bid and win the bid?
I’d like to stay at under 3 hour drive to your place ideally, that would be roughly £50 in fuel.

UPDATE: I’ve added a few more details to the eBay action ending in 3d 7h 29m from now (Monday evening at 21.10)

I’ve added the reason for selling the rig and also an update for anyone living in the UK but further away from Southampton. I can deliver the rig but it will have to be after the 21st of Dec, so if you can wait until then normally it shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s a real shame to let it go… it’s so hard knowing how much I’ve worked to build it but it is what it is. Thanks for finding interest in this! Here is the link to the auction again:


1 Day until the auction ends. No bids yet but I do have 16 watchers so fingers crossed it sells!

Good luck to anyone interested!

I’m one of the watchers, but only watching out of curiousity, there’s no way I can justify £4200 more on Chia.

I think you’ll do better if you list it all separately, but you may get lucky, a lot of people bid in the final minutes.

Good luck with the sale.

Hey, thanks for finding interest. Like you said, the hardware alone is worth more than that and buying it through eBay does offer insurance in case there are any issues.

I think it will sell but if it doesn’t well at least I tried. I’ll get to keep it and it might be the best thing in a few years… Right now whatever happens I’ll be happy.

5 min to auction ending. See you on the other side!

I guess that’s you out of Chia as its sold, hope it all goes through OK for you, and I really hope you had a £1 max fee.

I wonder whether they will sell the drives off separately, or have bought to actually farm.

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I’m out of the chia farming for sure, not sure about Chia entirely. I still believe in the project, it will be huge in the future and yes I had the £1 offer that’s why I sold it at this bargain price

It’s his farm and he can do whatever he thinks is best. I already spoke with the buyer and Saturday I’ll go to his place to deliver it. I was secretly hoping no one would bid :sweat_smile:

Oh well I’m glad they did, this money will help greatly in the near future. All the best to everyone here!!
Stay strong, the current downtrend will change trajectory, I have no doubt!