Unable to delete plot

Running the app on Windows 10. So, 2 versions ago, I could delete plots by clicking on the 3 dots beside it and hitting delete. I could do it for one in process, or even for a finished plot. Now that I’ve updated to the newest version, I am no longer able to delete plots. If I accidentally start one, or for whatever reason need to delete it, I have to restart the program. That is a problem if I have other plots going and don’t want to ruin them all. When I click the 3 dots, it lets me “View Log”, but the “Delete” choice is grayed out and it won’t let me click on it. Any suggestions?

Its broken, so they disabled it.

So… no more deleting plots?

You’ll have to use task manager to kill the plotter in progress.

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Keep in mind if you kill the process/GUI, all currently plotting will stop. It’s a bit of a pain point and why I’m looking to start using the command line utility ASAP.

Someone on here wrote the best way to do it with Process explorer.

I have not heard of the command line utility. Is that for Windows?

Do you have the link to the post? I cannot find it and it would be very useful.