Unable to delete queued job in GUI with 1.1.6?

I’m wondering if anyone else is seeing this.
I’m running the GUI on windows 10 and after I installed 1.1.6 I’ve been unable to delete the queued jobs to tweak the processes. I shut it down and restarted the computer once, but I’m getting the same result. When I click on the plot to delete, I get is a greyed out “delete” option. I can still look at the logs of ongoing plotting, but I can’t delete them either. If I want to change anything I either have to wait for the current queue to complete or shut down everything.

I’m still plotting, so no crisis yet. Just wanted to know if this is a 1.1.6 thing or if it’s just me.

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This is mentioned in another thread. They say it is intentional and actually in the release notes. I guess using that button was crashing the system every once in a while. So they disabled it until they can fix it.


ok cool. I looked around for the answer, but apparently not hard enough.

Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.

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