Unable to get rewards for two plots created as an absolute newbie

Hi all,

I just started learning about Chia GUI plotting. Created two plots through GUI. At the end of the Plotting my External Harddrive went out of space and that forced chia app to retry several times to copy the plots in the External HDD but that did not work(as mentioned above). So I tried switching the target for the plots and did not work either. I can see the plots generated on my machine but how can I force the GUI to pick these up and get the rewards for my plots?


You cannot switch targets mid plot. If there is not enough space for your plot on your target then the plotting process fails. Unless you have files on your target ending in .plot your plots are not functional and will never will be. Your plots are no good.

I would not expect any rewards in my lifetime for 2 plots even if they were good.

If the plotting process is not complete you have your target temp drive full of useless working files that need to be deleted before you can start a new plot. You will need to turn off Chia and all Chia processes before you can delete these files. Detailed description of this process can be easily found in the forums.

You need 1000s of of plots stored on 100s of TB of HDDs (costing 1000s of dollars) before you can hope to start expecting regular rewards, and even this is risky. Once official pooling is out, or using hpool (I would wait for Chia official pooling) then you can churn out smaller steady money as a small farmer, but Chia farming is still an expensive hobby.

If you are having trouble producing a plot (it does not sound like your machine is up to it) then perhaps Chia is not for you.

P.S. lolz! I feel like the uppity sales lady in a boutique turning her nose up at a prospective customer! Honestly though, unless you are willing to put in a reasonable amount of time, research, and money, Chia farming is not your best bet.

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If I start the the process with the temp files I had then? What would happen in that situation? Also why shouldn’t I expect anything from a few plots? Isn’t it something prescribed in the docs?

You cannot repair, re-start or continue a failed plot.

Estimated Total Earnings for one plot using the advanced calculator (never use the basic):

XCH after 1 year

In other words, per plot you have less than 3 chances in 1000 of winning a reward in your first year. Because of total Chia network storage growth this chance just goes down as further time passes. If you were in a pool your estimated earnings for one K32 plot during the first year would be $1.76 USD, assuming no fees.

This is all based on the advanced Chia calculator which itself makes a lot of brave assumptions. Nobody knows where the numbers will go for Chia’s total storage growth or for Chia’s actual value in the future. We really cannot make any accurate projections.

You need at least 300 to 600 K32 plots being farmed now to reasonably expect (but not be sure of) a win this year.

Please do some research. These questions have been answered many times on the forums here, at github, reddit, and elsewhere.

Assuming that your external hard drive (the one that ran out of space), is not the same as the storage device where you created the plot, then your plot is salvageable.

The last step in the creation of a plot is that the plot, which has a .tmp extension, will get copied to your hard drive (the one that ran out of space). After that plot successfully gets copied to your hard drive, then it will get renamed to exclude the .tmp extension (it will ultimately have a .plot extension).

So on the drive where you created the plot (probably a SSD), if the plot really did finish getting created, then you will see it on your SSD with the .tmp extension.

Once you have a drive where you have enough room to store the plot, you can manually copy it there and rename it yourself.

Note that Chia will not know about completed plots, unless they are located in a directory where either 1) Chia put it there itself (like as in when your hard drive did not run out of space and the GUI put it there), or 2) if you manually add a directory to Chia’s list of directories that it monitors for plots.

But if you have only a few plots, all of this is moot, as you will stand a better chance of winning the lottery twice, before winning any Chia.

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