Unable to launch Chia 1.6.1 after new install

I have updated to Chia 1.6.1 Windows. Once installed i am unable to launch it. pls help.

do you receive an error message?

anything in the logfiles?

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nope. no message error. it couldnt even start the application.

Did you uninstall the old versiom ( i believe you should with this release) ?
Tbh not sure about that, iirc someone here was advising / mentioning it, but i dont see confirmation on the download or release notes page ( which i only skimmed as its sleepy time).

Backup db first!

If not try that, and if still no joy try a reinstall.

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upgrades worked for me without prior uninstall

Dont the files ( or some of ) go in different places now though with .6.1?

Diesnt that leave behind old unnecessary clutter?