Unbuntu chia 1.3.1 GUI / CLI problem were is chia


I just upgraded to the new chia 1.3.1 GUI on Unbuntu 20.04. The install is working with no problems.

I have used the CLI to check plots and make plots. I can not find the “chia” to run CLI commands. Did I miss something in the install??

So how did you check plots?

I used a smiple bash script

/home/airtac/chia-blockchain/venv/bin/chia plots check &> /home/airtac/c-logs/plot-check.log

tail -n 4 /home/airtac/c-logs/plot-check.log


I can not find the program “chia” is the problem

Can you do a grep for chia.*

This was a clean install of unbuntu 20.04 and chia 1.3.1

I am farming with the GUI. CLI just were??

yes I looked for chia on the boot drive. Its not there or remaned


ABC@DELL:/usr/lib/chia-blockchain/resources/app.asar.unpacked/daemon$ chia -h

Chia Directory Structure Logs, Database, and More · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

Did you install Chia using the Debian package from Download - Chia Network? If so, that installs application files in a different place.

The Chia GUI itself is installed to /usr/bin/chia-blockchain. This launches the GUI only; it cannot be used to run other Chia commands.

You can find the chia tools in:


The chia binary you are looking for is at:


Madmax and Bladebit are also installed there:

# madmax

# bladebit
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Thanks for the link. I have looked at this. With 1.3.1 install this page need to be updated.

chia-blockchain is now in "/home/user/.config/chia-blockchain

Thanks that was the anwser!!!

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I was going to go update their Wiki page to add this info but it does not allow public edits so I guess that will not be happening :slight_smile:

Thanks alot I been looking at this for more than a 3 days.

The Chia team is doing great work with the program. But like all big projects noboby has the time to update the documantion.